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Joint exhibitor-hosted sessions at SOT 2014

At the SOT meeting in Phoenix, Arizona we had two successful joint exhibitor-hosted sessions. 


With Huntingdon Life Sciences we had the session:

Practicalities of Juvenile, Inhalation and Safety Pharmacology Studies in the Minipig.

Dr Lee Coney: The minipig in reproductive and developmental and juvenile studies

Dr Simon Moore: Inhalation administration to minipigs

Dr Aidan Curran: The minipig as a safety pharmacology model

The presentations can be downloaded from Huntingdon's website.


With CiToxLAB we had the session:

The Minipig as a Model for Ocular Toxicity Studies.

Peter Glerup: Comparative anatomy of the minipig eye

Robert Tavcar: Administration and sampling techniques

Simon Authier: Routine and specialised evaluation techniques

Further information is available on the CiToxLAB website.