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From our facility in Denmark, our experienced and dedicated staff develop, breed and deliver Göttingen Minipigs for biomedical research.

Clean pigs for clear results – These five words say it all!

Barrier-bred Göttingen Minipigs have a well-defined background and a high health status. This gives the biomedical industry the best opportunities to achieve clear scientific results.

The company has high standards of health, quality, knowledge and service. We see ourselves as a collaborator/partner just as much as we are a distributor of Göttingen Minipigs.

At Ellegaard Göttingen Minipigs A/S we support our customers by offering

  • dissemination of background data and knowledge
  • scientific consultancy focusing on the needs of the individual customer
  • information and training regarding housing, feeding, handling, dosing and surgery
  • international collaboration agreements for worldwide delivery; and
  • facilitation of knowledge-networks among users of Göttingen Minipigs

Here you can find our general brochure about Ellegaard Göttingen Minipigs.

You are welcome to contact us for further information.