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Our mission & vision

Our mission

Ellegaard Göttingen Minipigs A/S is a global developer, breeder and distributor of Göttingen Minipigs for biomedical research focusing on the advancement of quality of life and health. The company has high standards of health, quality, knowledge and service.

In this way, we want to help our customers by giving them the best opportunities to achieve the clearest scientific results.

By breeding microbiologically defined Göttingen Minipigs in barrier facilities, we fulfil the industry’s wish for an animal model with a high standard of health and high quality in general. Göttingen Minipigs are subject to strict genetic breeding-management procedures, and we give high priority to animal welfare in the handling of Minipigs. Our qualified staff manage the breeding and delivery of Göttingen Minipigs, and we put our expertise and experience at our customers’ disposal. We have rewarding working relations with our customers where courses and mutual knowledge-sharing improve conditions and terms for both minipigs and the people working with them. Göttingen Minipigs from Ellegaard are suitable for companies seeking a genetically and microbiologically well-defined animal model for biomedical research.


Our vision

The Göttingen Minipig should always be included as an option on equal terms with other non-rodent species in the selection of the most appropriate species for a study.