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Our Values

At Ellegaard Göttingen Minipigs A/S, we base our daily work on respecting one another and our animals. This approach makes it natural for us to focus on the Minipig welfare, an approach we incorporate into our ongoing efforts to improve the environment and conditions for our Minipigs. We cooperate throughout the company in striving to provide our customers with a product that has the best quality possible.

Our values are:

  • Animal welfare
  • Quality
  • Respect
  • Collaboration

Animal welfare includes:

Correct, stress-free handling, a good and healthy environment, environmental enrichment, socialization, and continued education of staff.

Quality includes:

Healthy, calm minipigs in homogeneous groups, high standards, flexibility, quick and valuable support, adherence to FELASA guidelines, and AAALAC accreditation.

Respect includes:

Commitment, considerate and tolerant behaviour, responsibility, respect for the animals, flexibility towards customers and colleagues, being well prepared, keeping a friendly tone, tolerance, responsibility, humour, and room for disagreement.

Collaboration includes:

Planning, interdepartmental collaboration, collaboration with our customers, listening to one another, sharing knowledge, common goals, confidence, humour, good and positive tone, commitment, consideration, being open to new ideas, keeping an open mind, honesty, optimism, helping one another, respect for one another, flexibility, communication, social events, qualified training, imparting knowledge and experiences, and utilization of skills.