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High quality samples

All blood products and biological materials derive from our established Göttingen Minipigs herds and therefore ensure the same high quality and standards for which Göttingen Minipigs are known:

  • Stable genetic background
  • Well-defined health status
  • Similarities to humans
  • Availability in large uniform groups
  • Access to comprehensive background data


Uncompromised data validity

Blood samples and biological material from Göttingen Minipigs support your research and enable useful and valid research data. Because the blood samples and biological material derive from the same colony of animals used in In Vivo studies, results achieved in In Vitro research can be transferred to In Vivo studies without compromising data validity.


Göttingen Minipigs Blood Products

Read more about how we can support your In Vitro study
with blood products from Göttingen Minipigs.




Göttingen Minipigs Biological Material

Read more about how we can support your In Vitro study
with biological material from Göttingen Minipigs.




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