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Continued full AAALAC Accreditation

Our facility has once again been fully AAALAC accredited.

We received our first AAALAC accreditation in 1998 and has been fully reaccredited ever since.

AAALAC sets standards for animal welfare and the AAALAC quality management system is recognised internationally.

AAALAC accredits research institutions and producers of experimental animals which comply with its standards. The standards include regulations for the experimental animals, pen systems, safety for personnel and animals, training, facilities, equipment etc.

The AAALAC accreditation requires annual reporting and a detailed programme description must be submitted every three years, after which the facilities are reviewed by two AAALAC site visitors.


The quality system is an integral part of the production process. Our quality system is structured around AAALAC accreditation with the addition of relevant elements from the ISO 9000 standard and from GLP (Good Laboratory Practice). Our quality management system is documented in standard operating procedures (SOPs) covering all areas of our production process.

The animal welfare committee ensures that the production of minipigs takes place in accordance with national and European law and with internal guidelines including animal welfare.