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Educational package

We want to make it easy for both new and less experienced customers to adapt to the use of minipigs in research and we also think that many of our experienced customers are interested in learning more about minipigs.

Thus, in collaboration with experienced, independant consultants we have collected useful information about minipigs, which is presented in an educational package.

The educational package covers the following topics:

  • Minipigs in toxicology studies
  • Cardiovascular safety pharmacology in the minipig
  • Minipigs as a non-clinical model in ADME studies for the development of drugs
  • Immune system of pigs and minipigs 
  • Handling, dosing and training
  • Acclimatization, socialization and welfare
  • Catheters and VAP
  • Management of pregnant Göttingen Minipigs and their litter
  • The histology of the Göttingen Minipig

The documents on histology, toxicology, ADME/DMPK and cardiovascular safety pharmacology have been prepared by external experts which means that our customers are provided with an objective and practical perspective.

You can also access our DVD material: The Göttingen Minipig Histology. 

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The educational package will be updated continuously and you are always welcome to contact us if you would like an updated version.