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Webinar presentations:

2 July 2020:
Characterisation of the porcine immune system with a focus on Göttingen Minipigs,
by Armin Saalmüller and Clara Pernold.
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16 June 2020:
The role of Göttingen Minipigs in dermal drug development, by Andy Makin.
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14 May 2020:
Pain models in Göttingen Minipigs - bridging the gap between rodents and humans,
by Sigal Meilin.
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30 January 2020:
Vascular access and implantation of catheters in Göttingen Minipigs, by Adrian Zeltner.
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30 October 2019:
What's good to know when considering Göttingen Minipigs for juvenile toxicology studies?
by Edwards Marsden. Download presentation

13 June 2019:
Minipigs in human relevant safety assessment - learnings from Roche (Safety Pharmacology & Toxicology/Pathology) by Susanne Mohr, Andrea Greiter-Wilke and Björn Jacobsen.
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2019 SOT Baltimore

We hosted two sessions with Marshall BioReseources, and the presentations are available upon request to Peter Vestbjerg at

The first session: “Using the Göttingen Minipigs - Why, When, How?” consisted of two talks:

  • Using the Göttingen Minipigs – Why, When, How?
    Simon Authier, DVM, MBA, PhD, DSP, Senior Director of Scientific Operations and Veterinary Science at Citoxlab North America


  • Göttingen Minipigs as non-rodent species – specific advantages
    Henrik Duelund Pedersen, DVM, DrVetSci, MIND, Affiliated Professor, CSO at Ellegaard Göttingen Minipigs A/S

The second session “Göttingen Minipigs in Dermal Studies” consisted also of two talks:

  • Development of the immune system associated with cutaneous tissues in the juvenile Göttingen Minipig
    Linda Allais, Director of Toxicology at Charles River Lyon SA, Safety Assessment, France


  • The use of Göttingen Minipigs in Dermal Studies
    Andy Makin, Scientific Director and Director of Business Development Europe at Citoxlab Denmark 


2018 SOT ToxExpo

We hosted two sessions with Marshall BioResources, and the presentations are available below. 

The first session: ”The CONFIRM Initiative: Immunological Safety Evaluation in Minipigs“ consisted of two talks:


The second session consisted of one talk: