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The Minipig in Biomedical Research

Review from ASLAP, Laboratory Animal Practitioner, Vol. 45 #3, Dec. 2012

Review from the BTS Newsletter, issue 41, December 2012

The book "The Minipig in Biomedical Research" was published in December 2011 and it is an excellent manual for matters pertaining to minipigs.

Whether you have much experience with minipigs or not you will benefit from reading this book or parts of it.

The book includes 41 chapters organised into 8 sections:

  • Origin and Management of the Minipig
  • Welfare and Experimental Usage of the Minipig
  • Pharmacology and ADME Studies in the Minipig
  • Safety Assessment in the Minipig – Principal Body Systems
  • Genetics and Immunology
  • Disease Models
  • Regulatory Perspective and Use of the Minipig in Developing Marketed Products
  • New Horizons and perspectives

See the contents of the book

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