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Project organization and functioning

The CONFIRM Initiative is a collaborative network of fully registered members. Coordinating bodies include a Steering Committee and an Executive Committee.

1. Members

The CONFIRM Initiative is a network exclusively consisting of registered members, and definitely not a potluck available to anybody. Members can be individual researchers, representatives of academic institutions, or employees of private organizations.

Membership can only be granted after filling on-line an application form available here. Applications are reviewed by a 3-member subgroup of the steering committee.

Prior to applying for membership, every applicant must have read and formally accepted the conditions in the Members' Charter, which describes the objectives, scope, organization and functioning of the CONFIRM Initiative, and its members' accountability. Sharing of knowledge and collected data with other registered members of the network is expected; it will be organized to assure that legitimate confidentiality requirements are addressed adequately. Every other year, all memberships are reassessed by the subcommittee for compliance to the Members' charter.

Registered members are expected to follow rules set out in the Members' charter; to promote the aims of the CONFIRM Initiative and protect its good reputation; to strictly respect every confidentiality demand or requirement; and to contribute actively to at least one project/program of the CONFIRM Initiative. Members are accountable for their own actions and as such, should take responsibility for ensuring they always operate in accordance with the Charter's rules. 

Registered members only have full access to all web-pages of the CONFIRM Initiative. They can attend, speak and vote at General Assemblies convened at least once a year; they receive minutes of every General Assembly and Steering Committee meeting, and are anticipated to interact with other members and coordinating bodies of the CONFIRM.

2. Steering Committee 

The Steering Committee is committed to select, stimulate and coordinate activities in accordance with the CONFIRM Initiative purpose and aims. The contribution of registered members via dedicated working groups is welcome. The Steering Committee meets at least twice a year, including one face-to-face meeting preferably on the day before the annual Minipig Research Forum, and one video/tele-conference on another occasion (or whenever urgent matters are to be discussed).

The first Steering Committee is composed as follows: 

- Jacques DESCOTES (Chair, ImmunoSafe™ and Claude Bernard University of Lyon, France)

- Linda ALLAIS (Charles River Laboratories, France)

- Philippe ANCIAN (CiToxLAB Group, France)

- Henrik DUELUND PEDERSEN (Ellegaard Göttingen Minipigs A/S, Denmark)

- Claire FRIRY-SANTINI (Galderma, France)

- Antonio IGLESIAS (Roche, Switzerland)

- Tina RUBIC-SCHNEIDER (Novartis, Switzerland)

- Hollie SKAGGS (Janssen, J&J, Belgium)

- Peter VESTBJERG (Secretary, Ellegaard Göttingen Minipigs A/S, Denmark)

3. Executive committee

The Executive Committee consists of 3 members from the Scientific Committee, including the chair and secretary. Its 'daily' role is to monitor and follow up actions as decided by the Steering Committee, and to ensure that the CONFIRM Initiative is thriving.