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Catheter Workshop

As an alternative to our surgery courses, we offer one-day courses in vascular access for injections and blood samples.

This practical hands-on course lets you try out different methods of catheterization and even increase your skills by repeating the methods.

The specific course content will be tailored to your exact needs and wishes and the courses can be arranged to match your schedule.

Examples of techniques are central venous catheters - either percutaneous (Seldinger Method) or surgically implanted with a subcutaneous port (VAP).

Furthermore, we will introduce you to the various types of materials and kits used for vascular access and discuss their pros and cons.

After the course, we would like to support you so that you will succeed with vascular access in the minipig.

The course instructors are our Laboratory Technician and DVM.

Please contact us for further information.