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Göttingen Minipigs in Japan

We are pleased to announce that we have shipped a Göttingen Minipig breeding herd to Oriental Yeast Co. in Japan.

Our collaboration with Oriental Yeast Co. started in 2009 and after thorough preparation Oriental Yeast Co. has now started to breed Göttingen Minipigs for delivery to Japanese Companies and universities.

Oriental Yeast Co. has built a new barrier facility which is designed for the minipigs. Several employees from Oriental Yeast Co. have visited our Facility to learn more about our experience with breeding, housing, training etc.


For further information about Oriental Yeast Co. and Göttingen Minipigs i Japan please contact:

Oriental Yeast Company. Ltd.

Phone: +81 3 3968 1192

Fax: +81 3 3968 4863