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Göttingen Minipigs in Korea!

In January 2014 Ellegaard Göttingen Minipigs signed an agreement with Woojung BSC in Korea. 

Preclinical research is done worldwide and one of the strengths of the Göttingen Minipig is that it is available in Europe, USA and Japan. This makes it possible to compare results and to utilize obtained background data globally.

We have experienced an increasing interest and several requests regarding the availability of Göttingen Minipigs in Korea.

Woojung BSC has been selected as our partner in Korea because the company has many of the same qualities as our other partners Marshall BioResources and Oriental Yeast Co. and first of all because Woojung BSC shares our focus on animal welfare. Woojung BSC will not breed Göttingen Minipigs but will from now on be responsible for distributing Göttingen Minipigs on the Korean market.

We have high expectations for the Korean market and we are looking forward to supporting the Korean customers in preclinical research as much as possible.