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New Laboratory Animal Veterinarian

1 January 2021 we welcomed Mie Johanne Hansen as Laboratory Animal Veterinarian. Mie has a broad experience working with a wide range of domestic and wild animal species from both a clinical, research and training perspective. Kirsten Rosenmay Jacobsen, Head of Scientific Management, is excited to welcome Mie to the Science Team: “Mie’s main tasks will be within quality assurance, management of our standard operating procedures and export related administration, but she will also participate in veterinary assignments and procedures. I look forward to working closely with Mie and add her skills and experience to our Science Team.” After the first few weeks of employment Mie is likewise excited about her new position. “I’m proud to contribute to the high welfare and excellent microbiological status of Göttingen Minipigs that enable researchers around the world to achieve important and clear scientific results” Mie says.

New Laboratory Animal Veterinarian

1 August 2020 we welcomed our new Laboratory Animal Veterinarian, Maja Ramløse. Maja is specialised in biomedicine and is an experienced veterinarian. Through the years she has worked both in a clinical setting but also with laboratory animals. "I'm very excited to be part of the team and look forward to taking over the responsibility for the health of our Göttingen Minipigs and driving the constant focus on animal welfare", Maja says. Kirsten Rosenmay Jacobsen, Head of Scientific Management, says: "Besides from her variety in experience, Maja is very engaged around animal welfare, which is key working at Ellegaard Göttingen Minipigs. I look very much forward to working closely with Maja".

Veterinary related questions about the health and welfare of Göttingen Minipigs can be directed to Maja Ramløse.

New Head of Scientific Management

As of 1 June 2020, Kirsten Rosenmay Jacobsen has been promoted to Head of Scientific Management at Ellegaard Göttingen Minipigs. Kirsten has many years of experience with a variety of animal models and preclinical research design including years of experience working with Göttingen Minipigs.
“I particularly look forward to engaging even more in scientific projects and external collaborations, but also contributing to the future strategic considerations for Ellegaard Göttingen Minipigs”, says Kirsten Rosenmay Jacobsen. Moving forward, Kirsten’s focus will be on managing the scientific team, coordinating in-house scientific projects, external scientific collaborations and the overall promotion of Göttingen Minipigs as a large animal disease model. Lars Friis Mikkelsen, CEO at Ellegaard Göttingen Minipigs, says: ”I’m excited to work even closer with Kirsten on developing our in-house scientific offerings and the development of our science-based future strategy.”

Science related questions about the use of Göttingen Minipigs can be directed to Kirsten Rosenmay Jacobsen.

Breed integrity of Göttingen Minipigs confirmed

The newly published paper "Assessing breed integrity of Göttingen Minipigs" confirms that the breed integrity of Göttingen Minipigs, remains intact across continents due to our unique breeding program. This allows for scientists to compare results directly and exchange knowledge unconcerned whether studies are using Göttingen Minipigs bred in Europe, the United States or Japan. Read the paper here.

In case of any questions concerning the paper, please contact us on

Göttingen Minipigs available in China

19 September 2018

Today, the Veterinary Health Certificate allowing us to export Göttingen Minipigs into China was signed and celebrated at a ceremony at the Royal Danish Embassy in Beijing, attended by i.a. the Danish Minister for Environment and Food, Jakob Ellemann-Jensen, as well as our CEO, Lars Friis Mikkelsen, and owner, Jens Ellegaard. We look forward supplying the Chinese market with our high-quality and well-characterized Göttingen Minipigs. For further information and/or inquries, please contact us.

Göttingen Minipigs now available in India

We are proud to announce that Göttingen Minipigs now are available for biomedical research in India, as the official Veterinary Health Certificate has been mutually approved by the Indian Department of Animal Husbandry, Dairying and Fisheries and the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration, which now allows export of Göttingen Minipigs from our Danish barrier breeding facility to India.

Dr. Lars Friis Mikkelsen, CEO: 

“We are honored now to be able to support the rapidly growing Indian Pharma and CRO industry with high-quality Göttingen Minipigs, as over the last decades, Göttingen Minipigs have experienced an extended use as non-rodent species in Europe, Asia and the US, not only in toxicology and safety assessment, but also in pharmacological studies; all in line with the high translational value and global regulatory acceptance of using Göttingen Minipigs in preclinical research.”

Meet us 

Lars Friis Mikkelsen, CEO, and Peter Vestbjerg, Head of Business Development look forward to sharing knowledge about Göttingen Minipigs when they attend the SPS-I conference from 26 to 28 October 2018 in Hyderabad as well as AFLAS from 28 November to 1 December 2018 in Bangalore.

Feel free to contact Lars or Peter in advance to set up a meeting.