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The Göttingen Minipig as experimental model for Anti-neoplastic drug toxicity

Joint exhibitor-hosted session with RTC

Monday, March 23, 12.15 PM - 1.15 PM in Room 24C

After a general overview of the comparative biology of minipigs, results of a case study are presented, which highlight the relevance of minipigs as experimental models for toxicity studies with anti-neoplastic drugs. Minipigs showed signs comparable to humans and a greater tolerance for the effects of Doxorubicin compared to dogs.

Reproductive and juvenile studies in minipigs

Joint exhibitor-hosted session with CiToxLAB

Tuesday, March 24, 2.30 PM - 3.30 PM in Room 24B

In this joint session we will present the basic reproductive biology of Göttingen Minipigs, theory and practice of embryofetal toxicology studies in minipigs and theory practice of juvenile toxicity studies in minipigs. The session, illustrated with case stories, should interest both specialists and generalists.