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Ordering and delivery

When you need minipigs, we encourage you to contact us so that we can find the most suitable minipigs for your research.

In most cases we can deliver the requested minipigs approximately two weeks after we receive the order. If you need minipigs older than 10 months or if you have special requirements we might not be able to deliver the minipigs after two weeks. Please contact us for further information about availability and delivery.

A health monitoring report and a certificate of origin including the birthday, sex and weight development of the individual minipig will be delivered to you along with the Barrier-bred Göttingen Minipigs.

A health certificate in conformity with EU regulations accompanies the animals to our customers abroad.

For customers outside the EU, an import permission is necessary. Send the import permission from your veterinary authorities with your order and we will arrange the export.


For Göttingen Minipigs in North America, please contact:

Marshall BioResources, Tel: +001 315 587 2295,

For Göttingen Minipigs in Japan, please contact:

Oriental Yeast Co., Ltd., Tel: +81 3 3968 1192,

For Göttingen Minipigs in Korea, please contact:

WOOJUNGBIO, Tel: +82 31 888 9369,