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News 2016!

New exciting study: Feyen B. et al"All pigs are equal" Does the background data from juvenile Göttingen minipigs support this? Reproductive Toxicology 64 (2016) 105-115.

Toxicologic Pathology - Please take a closer look at the paper: "Special Issue: Swine in Translational Research and Drug Development".

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Newsletter 46!

The new newsletter 46 can be downloaded and it includes informative articles: Bilateral congenital cataract in a young male Göttingen Minipig – a case report; Advanced imaging of atherosclerosis in Göttingen Minipigs; Grand opening of Research Barrier B5; The utility of the Minipig as an animal model in evaluation of an artificial sphincterSocial housing during telemetry studies – an industry survey. And more...

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MRF 2017!

The next MRF meeting will start with welcome reception/get-together evening on 17th of May and end on 19th of May mid-afternoon. The MRF meeting will take place in Cambridge, England. 

Mark your calendar for the 2017 MRF Meeting! 

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