Our research barrier offers advanced services to facilitate your research, and collaborative efforts take your research to the next level.


Research facility serving your study

Through our research facility, you can get the support you need for your study using Göttingen Minipigs. Whether you need the minipigs to be neutered or pre-implanted before delivery, have the need to perform in vivo testing, need general training in minipig handling, or maybe just a long-term housing facility. Scroll down to see the variety of options that we offer.

What are the benefits of using our research facility?

Our research barrier allows access to a premium Göttingen Minipigs housing facility incl. a surgical suite. This enables the development, characterization, and validation of new Göttingen Minipigs disease models, but also provides the optimal facilities for exploratory pharmacology studies, surgical procedures, and training sessions.

You get access to our minipig experts who have broad experience within biomedical research and Göttingen Minipigs in particular. Likewise, we take care of the application for your study to the Danish Animal Experiments Inspectorate - a process, which typically takes 4-8 weeks

We engage in both large- and small-scale research projects and have the capacity to take in projects within a short time. All projects are considered of equal importance, so do not hesitate to reach out with your enquiry.

Research facility serving your study

Did you know...

The research barrier sets the frame for a variety of activities around Göttingen Minipigs:

  • Collection of biological material: Tissues and organs, blood products, and biofluids
  • Courses and practical training
  • Surgical procedures

Our activities include

The research facility offers advanced services to facilitate your research, and collaborative efforts take your research to the next level.

This is how we support you:

In vivo testing

In close collaboration and with us as your scientific partner, you can perform exploratory studies, pilot studies, and proof of concept at our research facility. Through close dialogue, we create a set-up that will assist in providing answers for your study, so you feel confident when moving on to GLP studies.

Ready-to-use Göttingen Minipigs

Long-term housing

of customer-owned Göttingen Minipigs. If you lack the capacity or the expertise to handle minipigs or do not have your own animal facility, you can rent a pen for your Göttingen Minipigs with us. We will take care of your minipigs and take your study-specific needs into account.

Animal model preparation

  • Diet induced animal models such as obesity, atherosclerosis and NASH animal models
  • Surgically induced animal models
  • Development and characterization of customized disease models

Contract breeding

of genetically altered Göttingen Minipigs. Get examples and find more information here.


Göttingen Minipigs are curious by nature and are usually easy to train. We follow a comprehensive socialisation programme and can perform target training to let the minipigs assist you a little further in your research.
(In photo: Training to walk on a treadmill)

Open lab - access to our surgical suite

and scientific procedures in your own Göttingen Minipigs. Our specialists, surgeons, technicians, and assistants are ready to assist you with your project.

Specific customer requirements

Are you looking for something else? We have performed many unique set-ups based on specific study requirements. Contact us with your enquiry to start the conversation.

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