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50 Years with Göttingen Minipigs - celebration roadshow 2019

Upcoming Scientific Symposium to celebrate the first 50 Years with Göttingen Minipigs:

6 Nov 2019 - Pennsylvania, USA

Mark your calendar and follow us on LinkedIn to stay updated on invitations, more dates and venues for Scientific Symposia. 

Newsletter 55 Autumn 2019

We continue to celebrate The First 50 Years With Göttingen Minipigs in the Autumn 2019 edition, which also presents:

  • Two interesting atlases: An imaging atlas of Göttingen Minipigs and a histological and MRI atlas of the Göttingen Minipig brain
  • Revised Technical Guides: How to plan, prepare and conduct studies with Göttingen Minipigs

...and much more. Read the
55th edition of the Newsletter.

HMR June 2019

Our half-yearly health monitoring report, based on FELASA recommendations, is now available. Download the report and read more here