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Important transgenic agreement with Exemplar Genetics

We are proud to announce the entering of a licence and commercialization agreement with Exemplar Genetics to develop and commercialize genetically modified Göttingen Minipigs models. Read more here

Göttingen Minipigs for China

The availability of our high-quality and well-defined Göttingen Minipigs is a reality! Read the announcement here

Important guidelines endorsed

Ellegaard Göttingen Minipigs is proud to announce that we have endorsed the ARRIVE guidelines in order to continuously improve our in-house research and scientific knowledge sharing as well as the PREPARE guidelines for planning animal research and testing in support of animal welfare, health and safety. Read more here

Newsletter 52

The Autumn 2018 Newsletter features five articles on interesting projects where scientists report about and share recent results obtained with Göttingen Minipigs as the animal model. Several of the articles describe comparison studies involving Göttingen Minipigs or important considerations and tips or tricks for enhancing the use of Göttingen Minipigs. Read it here