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3 times a year we issue the Ellegaard Göttingen Minipigs Magazine, which contains scientific articles and knowledge-sharing about Göttingen Minipigs in biomedical research.


Latest publication

Latest publication

Göttingen Minipigs Magazine | #68 | Spring 2024

Previous editions

Göttingen Minipigs Magazine | #67 | Winter 2024

Scientific content:
  • The use of neonatal and juvenile (mini)pigs in drug discovery and drug development
  • Webinar recording: What's good to know when considering the Göttingen Minipigs for Juvenile toxicology studies?
  • Neonatal and juvenile ocular development in Göttingen Minipigs
  • Taking care of the pregnant sow and newborn piglets
  • Challenges of dermal administration in the juvenile Minipig
  • Recommended review papers on Göttingen Minipigs in juvenile studies

Göttingen Minipigs Magazine | #66 | Autumn 2023

Scientific content:
  • Hematology, coagulation and clinical chemistry data on Humanized IgG Göttingen Minipigs
  • Extract from the paper: Accelerated Wound Healing in Minipigs by On-Site Production and Delivery of CXCL12 by Transformed Lactic Acid Bacteria
  • Study Insight: Method development for in vivo direct injection to the dorsal root ganglion (DRG)

Göttingen Minipigs Magazine | #65 | Spring 2023

Scientific content:
  • Special edition feature: Portrait of Ellegaard Göttingen Minipigs, "Keeping up with science since 1993"
  • Species selection: Pigs and biomedical research
  • Recommended review papers on Göttingen Minipigs over time

Göttingen Minipigs Magazine | #64 | Winter 2023

Scientific content:
  • Behind the paper: Humanised Göttingen minipigs - an alternative animal model to non-human primates in the preclinical safety assessment of therapeutic antibodies
  • A small, convenient "on demand" Göttingen Minipig obesity model
  • Automated blood sampling in minipigs
  • Study Insight: Developing a perinatal asphyxia model with newborn Göttingen Minipigs at the Ellegaard Göttingen Minipigs A/S research facility

Göttingen Minipigs Magazine | #63 | Autumn 2022

Scientific content:
  • Emesis in minipigs and relevance in nonclinical safety testing
  • The effect of GMP housing and handling on the outcome of Peripheral Neuritis Trauma (PNT) model for neuropathic pain
  • Training of minipigs to participate in research procedures
  • Study Insight: Development of a minipig model for excessive arterial bleeding as tool for Proof of Concept in TL-101n

Göttingen Minipigs Magazine | #62 | Winter 2022

Scientific content:
  • Utility of Göttingen Minipigs for translational model in dialysis evaluation
  • Göttingen Minipigs: Modeling Heart Failure with Preserved Ejection Fraction (HFpEF)
  • Molecular imaging of Göttingen Minipigs
  • Study Insight: Evaluating expression of messenger RNA of a target protein

Göttingen Minipigs Magazine | #61 | Autumn 2021

Scientific content:
  • Göttingen Minipigs: A preclinical model to develop improved cell injection technologies
  • Genomics Integrated Systems Transgenesis (GENISYST) for disease modelling in Göttingen Minipigs
  • Genetically modified Göttingen Minipigs for studying cellular mechanisms of agerelated neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease

Göttingen Minipigs Magazine | #60 | Spring 2021

Scientific content:
  • Implementation of non-invasive cardiorespiratory and activity assessment in the juvenile minipig using the Decro® jacket system
  • New publication regarding recommended nomenclature for reporting of histopathological findings in minipigs used in non-clinical safety studies
  • The use of neonatal and juvenile (mini)pigs in drug discovery and drug development
  • Blood sampling from Göttingen Minipigs
  • Study insight: Understanding vascular regulation in Göttingen Minipigs
  • Poster: Taking blood from Göttingen Minipigs while placed in a sling

Göttingen Minipigs Magazine | #59 | Winter 2020

Scientific Content:
  • Neonatal and juvenile ocular development in Göttingen Minipigs
  • Dosing and routes of administration in Göttingen Minipigs for toxicology studies
  • Norecopa: Prepare for better science
  • Study Insight: In vivo imaging of stem cell therapy in parkinsonian minipigs
  • Poster: Implantation of Rat Vascular Access Buttons in Göttingen Minipigs


Göttingen Minipigs Magazine | #58 | Autumn 2020

Scientific Content:
  • Göttingen Minipigs and other laboratory animals in COVID-19 research
  • A model for continuous bladder infusion in Göttingen Minipigs
  • Naïve plasma levels of Neurofilament Light Chain (NF-L) in different age groups of male and female Göttingen Minipigs
  • Study Insight: Outsourcing of pre-experimental study parts in preclinical cardiovascular studies
  • Poster: Environmental enrichment for Göttingen Minipigs 


Göttingen Minipigs Magazine | #57 | Spring 2020

Scientific Content:
  • Which examinations and tests to perform in juvenile Göttingen Minipigs within the first weeks of life
  • Göttingen Minipigs in the era of next-generation sequencing
  • Miniature pig in xenotransplantation
  • Study Insight: Pain models in Göttingen Minipigs
  • Poster: Liver stiffness assessed with Shear Wave Elastography correlates with biopsy data in Göttingen Minipigs with non-alcoholic steatohepatitis