Göttingen Minipigs

The health and welfare of our Göttingen Minipigs are our top priority. We continue to invest time and resources in refining their surroundings and well-being and monitoring their health status.


Animal welfare

Animal welfare is incorporated into all our procedures and daily routines. The on-site veterinarian is in daily contact with the staff and pays regular visits to the barriers. This ensures that welfare is constantly evaluated and refined.

Animal welfare is an ongoing process and we work continuously to refine the surroundings and living standards of our minipigs. This includes consideration of the minipigs' behavioural, social, and physiological needs. We accommodate this by:

Supplying bedding material to fulfill the need for rooting

Supplying extra bedding material for farrowing sows for nest building

Floor feeding to resemble the natural search for food

Group housing in compatible groups

A comprehensive socialisation program between minipigs and staff

Offering toys and regular exercise outside the pen

Entertainment and engagement

We are continuously engaged in improving the conditions for the minipigs and stimulating their needs. One of our inventions is the Pyramid. Göttingen Minipigs are curious by nature and the Pyramid allows them to explore and climb up to a higher level.

In our barriers, we have arranged a playroom, where the minipigs go to play and explore. The playroom offers different toys and activities and the minipigs truly enjoy it.

When offering toys for Göttingen Minipigs the following should be kept in mind:

  • Toys should be changed on a daily basis to avoid boredom
  • Toys are only second best. Bedding and rooting material are the best kinds of enrichment for minipigs
Entertainment and engagement

Contact us

Contact our attending Veterinarian if you have questions concerning the health and welfare of our Göttingen Minipigs.